Giving back to Madagascar

The gift of Aloe macroclada comes from all Malagasy, therefore we operate in a way which benefits as many Malagasy as possible. Our aloe plants are cultivated in villages spread around the central highlands of Madagascar, whom we helped form Associations and taught to manage themselves. We proudly work with them and assist them in all aspects of cultivation and harvesting from seeds to leaf deliveries. All of our Association villages now have schools and teachers and books because of our collaborations and financial assistance.

We teach and practice proper harvest techniques along with land and water conservation. Near the end of each dry season we work to end field and forest burning. Along with tens of thousands of Aloe macroclada plants, we plant significant numbers of indigenous trees every year.

Our collaboration with the University of Antananarivo on research includes sponsoring multiple graduate students and internships. We’ve learned about Aloe macroclada seed germination, nurseries, transplantation, cultivation and harvesting, which is shared with the University and the Environment Ministry.

In our local community, we assist with waste collection, food distribution (common on holidays here), school teacher salaries, and numerous other small ways. Our employees are paid good wages including social security and insurance. Being a good partner to the people and the country are core to our operations.