The Alomac Story

The name of our parent company is Mioty Voajanahary, which means ‘picking’ the products of nature in Malagasy. And we’re proud to bring you Alomac. Alomac is produced from the Madagascar’s native aloe species, Aloe macroclada, Madagascar’s healing gift to the world.

The people of Madagascar have been using the healing leaves of Aloe macroclada for thousands of years. They make and sell Aloe macroclada in the form of small black pills called vahona in local markets, which is where our founder, John James, first encountered this traditional healing product. The Malagasy people have long understood that vahona helps to slow aging, improve skin, and promote healing. John’s interest was piqued, and he commissioned a scientific study which found that vahona boosted adult stem cells circulating in the blood stream.

Today, we are bringing the healing power Aloe macroclada to the world in the form of Alomac. It’s similar to Aloe vera but has the clinically proven ability to increase circulating adult stem cells. We are making Alomac available for manufacturers of health and beauty products, supplements and animal care products worldwide.

Our Team

John James, Owner and General Manager
With a degree in Chemistry and an MBA, John had over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical R&D before applying that experience to the GMP production of ALOMAC. First learning of Aloe macroclada in 2008 as the scientific advisor on a film crew documenting Traditional Healers in Madagascar, John tested it in a human clinical trial. Following positive results showing significant increases in circulating adult stem cells, he started work toward producing ALOMAC in 2012, establishing Mioty Voajanahary SARL in 2014.
Jeff James, Vice President of Business Development
Jeff has over 25 years in high-technology leadership with an M.S. in engineering from the University of Washington. He has run engineering teams for several major products at Microsoft and Amazon. Jeff’s experience at startup companies includes being a software developer in his own consulting company, a research scientist at a startup incubator, and an early investor in a clean energy company.
Karen James, Chief Science Advisor
Karen has spent over 50 years in the medical field as a hospital laboratory technologist with graduate degrees in Immunology. She directed hospital laboratories in Ohio and Illinois before retiring to the mountains of North Carolina and consulting in the medical field. Karen has over 50 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, primarily involving natural immunity.
Gina Bowen, Chief Marketing Officer
Gina has worked with some of the world’s largest brands creating expertly crafted marketing campaigns that span the globe. Her experience spans multiple industries including but not limited to health & wellness, retail, automotive, oil, energy & gas, manufacturing, supply chain, utilities, wireless and high tech.

Our Staff

John Delmas, Production Manager
John previously worked with local and international conservation NGOs prior to joining Mioty. He also has taught English and diving. John knows plants and how they are used by the locals as food and medicine. He joined Mioty as Production Manager and was key to building and installation of all the equipment.
Raymonde Rabakovolonirina, Quality Manager
Raymonde started working at Mioty Voajanahary in 2017 and is now the Quality Manager. She had 19 years of experience at “Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques Malagaches FARMAD S.A” prior to joining Mioty. Farmad provided significant internal and external training. Raymonde obtained a Diplome Universitaire d’Enseignement Superieur en Sciences Naturelles from the University of Antananarivo.
Valitiana Rasandimanana, Operations Manager
Valitiana had 15 years experience working for businesses in an organizational capacity before joining Mioty. She was born and grew up in a small village of about 800 people not far from the capital. She moved to the city for her studies and is equally capable of conversing with government ministers as she is working with villagers. Valitiana is fluent in Malagasy, French and English. She manages Mioty’s interactions with the Environment Ministry, our villages growing and harvesting, and collaborations with other businesses and NGOs.
Rakotoniaina "Theo" A. Henri Théodore, Administrative and Financial Manager
Began his career as an administrative and financial assistant in a French trade free zone business in knitting, textiles and computer processing. He continued his career in auditing, accounting, taxation, business creation, and legal advice on behalf of several companies in transport and logistics and in plant product production. In 2014, he joined Mioty. Théo holds a BTS in commerce and business administration and he attended and followed various training courses in taxation, management, linguistics, business.