Alomac Client Brochure

Clinically Proven to Increase Circulating Adult Stem Cells Highest Percent Polysaccharides of All Aloes Ready Supply in Bulk for Nutritional Products

Multiple human clinical trials have demonstrated that Aloe macroclada increases the number of circulating adult stem cells better than any known natural product, and is completely safe

Alomac averages over 25% polysaccharides! This may explain all of the healthuses in Madagascar: rejuvenating health, healing quickly, improving eyesight, improving skin, and more

Unique to Madagascar where it is known as vahona, Aloe macroclada is grown and produced in Madagascar by Mioty Voajanahary

100% Aloe macroclada gel (dried and milled) – Alomac®

Include Alomac in your nutritional supplement instead of Aloe vera

Currently in capsule and drink products in the U.S. and Europe