Unpublished Alomac Data

Figure 1. Compares data from pellets (like were used in the 2015 paper) to Alomac powder from 2019 at 2 different concentrations

Figure 1:  The percent change in circulating CD45dim CD34+ (solid line) and CD34+CD133 (dashed line) stem cells following consumption of A macroclada is shown as averages + SEM. The percent change compared to baseline stem cell numbers in the blood circulation was calculated from each of the study participants compensated for each person’s changes after consuming placebo, and then averaged.

Figure 2. Flow Cytometry Analysis of Peripheral Blood

Figure 2:  Flow cytometry analysis of peripheral blood.  A.  Representative profile of peripheral blood with respect to size (FSC) and granularity (SSC).  The region defined by the electronic gate R1 excludes debris and contains cells with low granularity, including stem cells.  B.  Dot plot showing the staining pattern for CD45 and CD34 for particles within the R1 region.  The region defined by the electronic gate R3 contains the CD45dim C34+ stem cells.  C. Quadrant analysis of the R3 region showing fluorescence intensity for the stem cell markers CD34 and CD133, where the quadrant R9 contains CD34+CD133+ stem cells.  The percentages shown are relative to the number of particles within region R1.