Alomac: Better Aloe from Madagascar

Aloe has been used across the globe for thousands of years. But now, there’s Alomac. Alomac is not your ordinary aloe. It’s better aloe, with higher amounts of healing polysaccharides than other aloes, plus the remarkable ability to increase circulating adult stem cells.
Alomac is made from a species that grows only in the highlands of Madagascar, Aloe macroclada. Aloe macroclada has been known for centuries as a beneficial supplement for the people of Madagascar. It’s sold in local markets as pills or liquid drinks to improve many health conditions. Now, we bring you Alomac. It’s 100% powdered Aloe macroclada, grown and prepared in Madagascar. Alomac is ready to be used in similar ways as other aloes but provides unique benefits.

It's higher in healing polysaccharides, and is proven to increase the amount of circulating adult stem cells.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that Aloe macroclada increases the number of adult stem cells better than any known natural product. Here’s a link to a clinical trial. Additional clinical trial information is being prepared for publication.

Remarkably, Alomac averages up to 20% polysaccharides, which is greater than or equivalent to the highest amount found in other powdered aloes available.

Alomac is ready for use in health and beauty products, supplements, and animal care products. If you’re wondering how you can introduce your customers to the wonders of Alomac, please contact us today.

Alomac increases the adult stem cells in your blood

Ingesting Alomac has been shown to significantly increase stem-cells in the blood, boosting the body’s powerful ability to regenerate itself. Alomac is all-natural with no known side effects, in contrast to popular pharmaceutical products that are highly toxic. Alomac is a perfect ingredient to provide this natural regeneration ability in health and beauty products.