Alomac® is derived from a species of Aloe Vera called Aloe Macroclada that is native to and exclusively grown in Madagascar. It’s been used by the Malagasy people for centuries. It’s renowned for its healing properties as found today in:

  • Supplements
  • Health and beauty products including skincare and food
  • Pet care

Research has proven Alomac’s ability to create an increase in adult circulating stem cells. Many conditions have been studied and are benefiting from this gift from nature including:


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About harvesting

Aloe macroclada plants (vahona in Malagasy) grow over 1 meter tall (more than 3 feet) and can be 2 meters wide. The leaves grow to

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Growing Aloe macroclada

It’s more difficult to propagate Aloe macroclada than Aloe vera. Whereas Aloe vera sends out little baby offshoots which can be rooted as new plants,

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