Alomac: Madagascar's healing gift to the world.

Alomac® from the magical island nation of Madagascar is better aloe. It’s higher in healing polysaccharides than other aloes. Plus, it has the remarkable ability to boost the number of stem cells circulating in the body. We bring you Alomac, powdered and ready to use in supplements, health and beauty, and animal care products.

Better Aloe

Alomac is like Aloe vera except it’s even better. It’s higher in healing polysaccharides and is proven to significantly increase stem-cells in the blood, boosting the body’s ability to regenerate itself.

Made in Madagascar

Alomac is grown and naturally produced in Madagascar from Aloe macroclada, a species of aloe known for healing properties. We partner with hundreds of workers and growers, supporting the community and protecting Madagascar’s environment.

Supplier that Delivers

We can reliably deliver Alomac, powdered and ready-to-use in supplements, health and beauty, and animal care products anywhere in the world. Explore how adding a unique Made in Madagascar ingredient can set you apart from the aloe competition.

Magical Madagascar

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Human Clinical Studies

Prior to producing Alomac, a human clinical trial was performed testing Aloe macroclada pills made by a traditional healer in Madagascar. The positive results were

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